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[OM] Re: Bicycling and shooting

Subject: [OM] Re: Bicycling and shooting
From: "Dean Tyler" <dtyler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 19 Apr 2005 16:30:57 -0400
My OM vehicle is a Rudge 3-speed.  I found it submerged in a pond near my
home.  It was a summer project to clean and restore.  What a fun bike.  I
also have a Bianchi mountain bike that is very nice, but the Rudge is more
fun to ride.  No problem with the LowePro backpack since I sit straight up
and have a springer saddle (joy).  The bike is deceptively fast on the
flats, but a tank going up hills (due to gearing, weight, rider position and
the physical shape of the cyclist!).  I thought about a basket for the
front, but my manhood couldn't handle it.

About 5 years ago, I should my road bike.  Hand built Italian with Roval
wheels and Campy Record components (those Delta brakes were too cool).  What
a dumb move.  I have regretted every since.  I thought a new mountain bike
with a front shock would be better.  I was wrong.

Hence, I won't sell my OM for digital.


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Subject: [OM] Re: Bicycling and shooting

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From: Donald MacDonald

Tom Scales <tscales@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> I ordered this:
> Hope it works!
> Tom
> I thought of that in bed last night. I keep meaning to supply myself with

> bits of Optech gear, which is well-designed for my life, as far as I can
> see. I'm sure it'll do fine.
> That's a lovely machine. I used to hanker after a Jack Taylor, but Fiona
> would never have got on a tandem with me..! I bet Debbie gets a good kip
> out back there while you pedal along waxing lyrical about your new
> I wish you both good health.
> D

When I bicycle my shirt gets soaking wet. I wouldn't want a camera up
against it. A handlebar bag seems like the best choice.

OT. A few decades ago I got a Bob Jackson which was beautiful but not that
rigid. The Santana's which were designed later were much stiffer. The
Barcroft Columbia makes riding much more pleasant but they aren't for
everyone ... As with most recumbents they work very well at high speed, but
not everyone can climb hills with them.


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