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[OM] Re: More on lens resolution

Subject: [OM] Re: More on lens resolution
From: "Jeff Keller" <jeff-keller@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2005 12:39:14 -0700
Mike H isn't the first 1DsII user that I've heard of who isn't completely
sold on the resolution of C*non glass. So in general terms there are some
old lenses which are sought out for use on presently available digital
cameras because they give better resolution. It seems very likely unless
volume economies limit the development of higher resolution bodies, some of
the old glass will be sought out for quite awhile yet. At some point perhaps
when new digital designs stick to some sort of good standard, new lenses are
likely to often surpass the old glass. The market for a superb lens that
fits a body that will disappear in four years has got to be rather small.

As far as which OM Zuikos equal or surpass D. Zuikos on an E-1, this groups
can provide samples. Anything in particular you're interested in?

Making a guess whether the next E-system body will need better glass might
be best done by looking into profits and sales growth of the E-system vs.
its competitors.


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From: AG Schnozz

Theoretical and practical are two different things.

> Oly claims that the 4/3 system lenses have double the resolution of 
> 35mm lenses.

Possibly true. However in actual usage, I'm finding that my lowly 100/2.8
outperforms the 14-54. In a couple of shots I've hit what appears to be the
limit with the AA filter!

> Is this necessary for today's cameras or only for the future 4/3 
> sensors which may be expected to hit 10-12 MP?


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