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[OM] Re: ?? Mid-tele zoom w/49mm filters??

Subject: [OM] Re: ?? Mid-tele zoom w/49mm filters??
From: "John A. Lind" <jalind@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 16 Apr 2005 06:33:26 -0500
At 11:02 PM 4/15/2005, Mark wrote in part:

>I'm not saying it's a great lens, since there is some pretty noticable 
>pincushion distortion in the middle focal lengths, but it's not as bad of 
>a lens as the Cosina 35-70.

This is the primary reason I placed the "Cosina" 70-210 a definite cut 
below the 75-150/4.  My observation at a Brick and Mortar camera store in 
puting one on the front of an OM-2000 when they first came out parallels 
Gary Reese's testing; noticeable pincushion/barrel distortion.  It's an 
optical characteristic I freely admit I'm finicky about and it seems to be 
a common problem with all but the very best zoom lenses.  Although the 
75-150/4 likely had at least a little, it was never noticeable in the 
architectural shots I made with mine, and I never worried about it.  To me, 
lackluster contrast is much less problematic to cope with than avoiding 
noticeable barrel/pincushion distortions in the field . . . depends some on 
type of subject material and how noticeable it makes them.

-- John Lind

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