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[OM] Re: Zuiko 18mm and 21mm

Subject: [OM] Re: Zuiko 18mm and 21mm
From: "Mark Calzaretta" <OM4Ti@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 14 Apr 2005 18:30:40 -0400
I own all of the wide angle Zuikos from 35mm down except a 24 shift.

The 21/2 and 18/3.5 are two of my all time favorite lenses. The work
fantastic for indoor home and real-estate photography. Both are
exceptionally sharp, with good contrast. I think that BB bought my spare
18/3.5 a few years back when I stopped keeping a kit in Florida and one in

I see no way to give up film at the present time since the wide angle end of
the spectrum is so poor. I did pick up an E-300 this week to supplement my
E10, E20 and C5050s.

I should have a 21/3.5 some place that I really have hardly used in the last
20 years. I will try and dig it up for you.


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Subject: [OM] Zuiko 18mm and 21mm

Now on to my next search
I've heard/read some very good things about both the Zuiko 18mm and Zuiko
21mm lenses.  I know there are several versions of the 21mm, and would like
to hear from some of you which you think are the best versions for my use
(see below).

Also, if anyone is interested in selling either a Zuiko 18mm or Zuiko 21mm,
please let me know.


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