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[OM] Now it overexposes

Subject: [OM] Now it overexposes
From: Fernando Gonzalez Gentile <fgnzalez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 13 Apr 2005 14:38:44 -0300
Cc: John Hermanson <omtech@xxxxxxxxx>, Robert Kan <nizora@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Clint <olyfix@xxxxxxxxxx>
Yes friends, my dear old and faithful OM-2 _the one which we plunged
together with last July_ overexposes on Auto mode *only*, and does it at
It randomly overexposes 1/5 of 38 exposures done on Provia 100F, regardless
shutter speed (regardless ambient temperature or humidity too).
But consistently overexposures +1 stop, accurately measured by eye
densitometer. Didn't try if does so when using flash.
New batteries of course.
Happened since CLAd, done very shortly after the unexpected unpoluted
underwater usage. 
Now it seems to have worsened a bit, even though emergency drying techniques
were thoroughly applied.

I wonder if electronics should be replaced.
Since I want it to remain as an OM-2, would OM-2N electronics do as well. I
bet so.


Now it sings, now it sobs.

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