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[OM] FS: 300mm f4.5, 400mm f6.3 & 80mm f4 Macro.

Subject: [OM] FS: 300mm f4.5, 400mm f6.3 & 80mm f4 Macro.
From: NSURIT@xxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 29 Oct 2002 22:55:17 EST
Just some plain good stuff.  The 300 mm f 4.5 and 80 mm f 4 are duplicates to 
me.  I have tired to justify having both the 400 mm Zuiko and 400 mm Tamron 
and it just doesn't work.  The Zuiko is a lot lighter and can be hand held 
and it is a Zuiko . . . 
Hurry before I change my mind on this one.  Here goes.  Everything offered 
with a full money back guarantee if returned to me at your expense in the 
condition in which it was shipped by me.  A week to ten days ought to be a 
reasonable time period.  Prices quoted include shipping and insurance in the 
USA and I will ship outside the USA at whatever the increased charge is for 
doing so.  

Zuiko Auto 1:1 Macro, new.  Original box with serial number written on side 
in mint condition. Lens does not appear to have ever been mounted. Soft 
leather case. Cellophane wrapper around lens. Little piece of Styrofoam in 
bottom of case. Original owners registration card.  This lens is intended to 
be used with either a bellows or the telescopic auto-tube.  It is one of my 
favorites for macro work.  A truly beautiful lens.  Order one from B&H for 
$800 plus shipping (if they have any more) or buy this one that has been in a 
time warp for $430.

Zuiko 300 mm f 4.5.  Just came back from KEH yesterday from having an $85 
CLA. Was sent in because the aperture blades were a little slow.  They did an 
outstanding job on this lens.  Glass is perfect, mechanics are smooth as 
butter & the aperture adjustments snap into place. A few little marks on the 
aperture adjustment ring keep this from being mint.  Original front and rear 
caps.  This one is yours for $350 or you can have my user, which has not had 
the CLA treatment for $300.  It is in similar condition with one exception.  
The little set screws on the tripod collar have a little rust on them.

Zuiko 400 mm f 6.3.  Had CLA treatment by KEH last year.  It is in very nice 
condition with a few more signs of wear on the aperture ring and the part of 
the hood that looks like the aperture ring.  Original front and rear caps.  
Plain and simply a beautiful piece of Zuiko glass.  Add this one to your 
arsenal for $615.

All the long lenses are silver nosed and none have cases other than the 80 

Contact me off list with any questions.  Bill Barber  
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