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Re: [OM] A tragedy has happened here

Subject: Re: [OM] A tragedy has happened here
From: John and Julie Ockman <jrockman@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 22 Oct 2002 20:37:00 -0400
 I by no means consider myself an expert on German Bier. I have been
told many times, by many Germans, that if you want to start a fight with
a German, mention that the bier from his home town taste something like
cougar pi**. :) I spent 5 years in Bad Kissingen and Darmstadt(about1/2
the time in each). I had a few German friends, and almost all liked the
Schnieder brews, and I noticed a lot of the working people drinking
Tucher. Tucher was actually the 1st bier I enjoyed drinking at room
temperature, being like most Americans, and preferring the cold beer.
You have to understand, most any German Bier is better than an American
beer-they take all the character out of it here. I have tried American
micro brewery stuff, but it just is not consistantly good. I am trying
desperately to get back to de Bundesrepublik, but I am lacking the
cooperation of my wife, so I spend my few saved dollars on camera stuff.
I am only 45, and want to get back before I get too old. I really want
to go back and go all over Bavaria again. I spent a lot of time visiting
Gasthuases and restaraunts in small towns and sampling the local biers
when I was there before. I can not however, tell you the name of a
single one. I am also partial to the wines. I have a couple of Franken
wines in my stores that I am looking forward to consuming, and purchase
a fair amount of Piersporters and Rhine-Hessens that I can afford. I
usually get a Kabinett so my wife will drink it too. I like Mosels, but
not too often. 
 Yes the photography in Germany, and all of Europe is wonderful. I have
many pictures I took with my my OM2. I just want to get the Ulm Kirche,
inside and out with a 24 shift(anybody want to lend me one?). I want to
use my wideangles to take pictures from the inevitable surrounding hills
of all the towns I visit. I want to use my 300/4.5 to take picture of
the small deer that I use to see all the time, especially when during
guard duty at my unit's ammo dump. And of the festivals that are held
all the time, for many reasons. I have many pictures of all these times,
but of course think I could do better now.  I want to visit a mountain
top called Steinkopf where I spent many a night on manuevers, and see
what I can do withiut all the Army presence

Volkhart Baumgaertner wrote:

> I really hope I don't start a huge off-topic thread, but to this I
> just _must_ reply.
> So, Schneider is actually very good for industrially (as opposed to
> small breweries, where the trade is still much regarded as an art,
> such as Hummel) made stuff, especially the Aventinus, but comparing it
> to Hummel's brew is like comparing McDonald's fast food to Paul
> Bocuse's cuisine (fortunately, the analogy does not extend onto the
> price :-) ). As for Tucher, in spite of their well-deserved reputation
> of making some of the worst beers in southern Germany, their dark and
> their wheat beer are drinkable, I'd say low average, but as to the
> rest - better forget it (yuck!).
> I am, of course, extremely spoiled. ;-)  If you look at the Bavarian
> brewery map, you will find one single area where it is almost
> completely black because there is barely enough space for all the dots
> which each represent a brewery. I live in the center of it. Villages
> with less than 500 inhabitants but two or three breweries are not
> uncommon at all around here, and 990f them practice brewing as an
> art. No industrial product will ever come close to what they make.
> Hummel is one of the best, with a big question mark behind the "one
> of".
> If you ever happen by our region, by all means send me a mail in
> advance so we can try to arrange for a little brewery tour (for a
> preview, just concentrating on the city which has about 75000
> inhabitants but only 9 breweries - there are _lots_ more in the
> surrounding county, partly even better ones, such as Hummel - I
> recommend http://www.beerguide.de/bamberg/bamberg.htm).
> Obligatory OM content: Many (or even most) of them are real
> picturesque old (often several hundred years) buildings, so you can
> combine the brewery tour with giving your OMs a workout.
> Thinking about it - it's been a while since the European OM-list
> meeting in Botrange. Hm....
> MtFbwy,
> Volkhart

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