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Re: [OM] Q on MC Filters and Flare

Subject: Re: [OM] Q on MC Filters and Flare
From: Garth Wood <garth@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 1998 10:13:49 -0600
At 12:56 AM 7/25/98 -0500, Joel Wilcox wrote:
>Oly Shooters:
>A while ago I asked whether MC filters might not be a solution to flare in
>SC lenses.

[BIG snip]


The issue is not whether an MC filter will reduce flare for a given lens (it 
doesn't).  The question is, "If I have to use a filter anyways, which one 
produces less *additional* flare, a no-coat, single-coat or a multi-coat?"  In 
all circumstances, increasing the number of glass-air interfaces increases 
flare, and putting either an uncoated, SC or MC filter in front of a lens adds 
additional flare.  The MC lens will minimize the additional in comparison to 
the SC (and the SC will add less additional flare than the uncoated filter), 
but that's all.  

The optimal method for any lens is not to use a filter (two less air-glass 
interfaces to worry about), but often that's neither practical nor desireable.  
Filters are used for many reasons, but I've never heard of a filter which is 
claimed by a manufacturer to reduce flare in the lens assembly it's being 
attached to.  It can't.



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