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Re: [OM] Medium and large format resolution

Subject: Re: [OM] Medium and large format resolution
From: WKato@xxxxxxx
Date: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 01:11:18 EDT
In a message dated 98-07-21 21:15:02 EDT, you write:

<<I  have never seen lens resolution tests for medium or large format lenses.
 Are they published?  >>

For some medium format lens (not very comprehensive) see:

For large format lenses see:

<<If so what kind of resolution would one expect from a
pretty good lens. I would suspect that it would be substantially lower than
a lens for an OM or one of its competitors.>>  They're somewhat lower but not
substantially so.  The sharpest aperture of, for example, the P645 lens are
about 55 center/40 edge while Zuikos are about (overgeneralizing here) 10 to
20 0gher in resolution. 

Warren Kato

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