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Re: [OM] Medium and large format resolution

Subject: Re: [OM] Medium and large format resolution
From: "Marco Tomat" <tom@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 22 Jul 98 12:07:48 +0200
On Mer, 22 lug 1998 3:02, Winsor Crosby <mailto:wincros@xxxxxxx> wrote:
>Any enlightenment?

I dont' know, but I can make this simple consideration: If a lens can do on
a SF camera we can assume that the same lens, doubled (that is eight times
fat, in solids) could do on MF. 

For instance take the old 20 4 Nikkor for F compared to the 40 4 Nikkor for
 Bronica... They are the same lens, that is the Nikkor for Bronica is a
Nikkor for F on steroids...

Well, we can conclude that also the optical qualities must be "doubled" and
the Bronica lens shall have half the resolution than the F one, but on a
larger film. 

A similar consideration was made on this list comparing Zuikos 100 2.8 and
180 2.8. 


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