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Re: [OM] Aesthetic sense.

Subject: Re: [OM] Aesthetic sense.
From: The Family <fotolady@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 16 Jul 1998 14:14:04 -0400
>The learning curve is not some pretty
>parabolic arc, it is a jagged curve, that sometimes plateaus, and often
>takes downward turns. Persevere, and also, push yourself, strive to evolve
>visually. >
>                          Doris Fang

So Right, Doris.  And as only luck would have it, my first roll of B&W
recalls this story:
    After reading 5 or 6 how-to books, I headed to a local State Park with
the first OMPC, Bogen 3221/3030, and 3 Zuiko primes.  Picking a place along
a curving stream and woods with 4 PM shaddows, the 35mm f2.8, red and
yellow filters and self timer (for that 'required' mirror lock-up) went
into action.  Again, my first week with an SLR and first roll of
B&W....ever.  While looking at the 4x6" prints in the camera store an
employee said "oh, you're the guy...wait a minute.  Someone wants to meet

That someone was the off site B&W developer who saw the prints.  His
comments were from dreamland.  'The scene, contrast, degrees of grey
levels, overall super picture' comments abounded and they brought a few
customers into the discussion.  Everyone looking at these shots, and 2 in
particular, couldn't say enough about them.

I liked what I saw before this happened, both in the woods and on print but
what an act to follow.  It took a year to produce another strikingly good
near-equal print.  It was truly beginners luck, combined with all the right
technical stuff:  sharp film, heavy tripod for such a small camera/lens,
mirror lock-up and timer release, no wind, and the Zuiko prime stopped down
to its sweet spot, lens hood and clean glass.

As others have said so well, follow your heart.  What grabs you will form
the basis for great shots.  Even if they are months+ apart.  Don't stop
shooting, and shoot a lot of what you like with lots of
variations......look for those variations.  Sometimes you can really
suprise yourself.

Jim,  1 of 7 OM-shooters in this family      Yep, a heavy hyphen user :)

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