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Re: [OM] Aesthetic sense.

Subject: Re: [OM] Aesthetic sense.
From: Joel Wilcox <jowilcox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 15 Jul 1998 20:24:19 -0500
At 12:11 PM 7/15/1998 -0700, John you wrote in part:
>That is the "vision" that I'm talking about. How does
>one develop that vision? Or is it something that one is either born with or
>isn't, and it's not possible to "learn" to be a good photographer?


This refers to another artistic medium, but I find it to have transferable

        When first my lines of heav'nly joys made mention,
        Such was the luster, they did so excel,
        That I sought out quaint words, and trim invention;
        My thoughts began to burnish, sprout, and swell,
        Curling with metaphors a plain intention,
        Decking the sense, as if it were to sell.

        Thousands of notions in my brain did run,
        Offering their service, if I were not sped:
        I often blotted what I had begun;
        This was not quick enough, and that was dead.
        Nothing could seem too rich to clothe the sun,
        Much less those joys which trample on his head.

        As flames do work and wind, when they ascend,
        So did I weave my self into the sense.
        But while I bustled, I might hear a friend
        Whisper, "How wide is all this long pretense!
        There is in love a sweetness ready penned:
        Copy out only that, and save expense."

                                --George Herbert, "Jordan"

Best wishes,


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