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[OM] Hoods, Caps and why NOT CAPPED HOODS?

Subject: [OM] Hoods, Caps and why NOT CAPPED HOODS?
From: sunil manga <ameteep@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 14 Jul 1998 13:29:42 +0530
Have YOU ever or is it always, gone thru the hassle of FIRST
removing the lens cap, SECOND searching for the required
HOOD, THIRD fixing it on the lens.

Why should there NOT exist HOODS and HOOD CAPS?

as suggested by various readers, did find a 49mm thread
HOOD/PENTAX for a NORMAL LENS. Very well made plastic with a
reversing rubber inner ring which works effectively for
un-screwing jammed filter rings.
Having the HOOD on the lens left me craving for a lens cap!
AHOY!! In walks a 62mm dia NIKON LENS cap, which fits
perfectly on the PENTAX HOOD. What a wonderful combination.
Looks Great and is convenint, except for tne NIKON on the
cap. Why doesn't OLYMPUS think up such a feature??

Just makes me think, WHY I always prefer the COKIN Filter
System+ Lens Hood +Lens cap??

Think about it, and hit the shops. I am sure there are
plenty Capped HOODS out there.
Sunil Manga.

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