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Re: [OM] Bats in flight photography (was Batty)

Subject: Re: [OM] Bats in flight photography (was Batty)
From: "Giles" <cnocbui@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sat, 11 Jul 1998 23:26:23 +0000
> From:          "John Gardner" <vu49@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

> The *only* way to see a bat is when its flying indoors. Their skill is
> beyond belief. 

You can say that again!

>They are of course hunting with radar (yours >was probably
>transmitting ultrasound at between 45 and 55Khz - >humans can hear
>upto about 19Khz) and can sense something as fine >as a human hair
>in their flight path, in total darkness, and avoid it.

Yes, Yes, but do they eat midges in numbers?  If so I shall breed 

> without harming them. BTW they don't bite and they don't carry any disease
> you can catch (UK bats we're talking here).

I am not sure of the can't bite bit.  One appeared crawling on the 
Kitchen floor about mid-morning a couple of months ago - must have 
fallen out of an as yet un-fixed hole in the ceiling.  I picked it up 
gently and took it outside to find a dark place to put it.  While 
trying to get it to try out its new temporary home it gave my finger 
a nip - it didn't break the skin but unfortunately I did drop it.

Oly content - I did get a photo of this one with 90mm f2 macro but it 
looked rather unkempt as it had a slight coating of cobwebs and dust.

John, I don't think they are Pipistrels - they look similar to my 
uneducated sight but are larger - certainly the one flying around 
inside seemed to have at least a 20+cm wingspan though I could be 

> I should, however, point out that (in the UK) it is illegal to catch bats
> as they are all protected by law (I have a government licence though). But,
> Giles, it seems they pay you a regular visit so there would be nothing to
> stop you making the bat leave the house via the above setup :)
> regards
> John.

I don't catch them, I just 'relocate' them as required.

I might be ale to get a photo of one in flight without such an 
elaborate setup as you describe.

The bats often fly very close to the house at night.  Unfortunately 
I am cursed with being a veritable insect magnet so If I go 
outside and stand still in the dark I have noticed that the bats 
start to fly very near to me - repeatedly.

I think I must be attracting the insects and the bats are then 
attracted to the feast.  I can almost hear them squeak/sing  "Stand 
still laddie!"   Or when I can't take the midges any longer - "Please 
don't go, don't go ow ow"

All I need to do is try this again while armed with the 4Ti and T32 
and - surprise.

I think I shall wait until the midges are a bit less prevalent before 
trying this though.


(Pink Floyd)
(KC and the Sunshine Band)

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