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Re: [OM] It's been a while, but how about Battery Talk?

Subject: Re: [OM] It's been a while, but how about Battery Talk?
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 30 Apr 2024 12:02:46 -0700
I have a slew of these, one each:

I used all of them back when I had E-M5 Is and IIs. All were working then, although one (Progo??) had lower capacity. I can't test them now, as I have no camera body to fit them.

Also, three of the ubiquitous third party chargers. These are particularly good on the road, as they may be run directly off 12v vehicle outlets.

All yours for the asking. (Otherwise, my heirs will throw them away in the 
[far] future.)

Power Up Moose

On 4/30/2024 10:36 AM, Paul Braun wrote:
I thought I was done with BLN-1's when my EM-5 mk 1 bit the dust in Rome.

But now that I have an EM-1 to keep my EM-5 mk iii company in the bag...
I'm back to needing batteries. The original BLN-1's I have now have quite a
few years and some mileage, so I want to start fresh.

Anyone use the recent Wasabi batteries, and what is your experience? With
Wasabi at roughly $10 a pop and the Oly battery going for $54 each, you can
understand the appeal...

Thanks. I'm heading up to Schnozz Country at the end of May and want to
make sure I have ample power.

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