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Re: [OM] Sticky rubber knobs, chest harness recommendation?

Subject: Re: [OM] Sticky rubber knobs, chest harness recommendation?
From: Mike Lazzari via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2024 15:59:04 -0700
Cc: Mike Lazzari <watershed1@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
....problem with all such straps is the camera is hanging on a swivel. That allo
the camera to spin around, not stable at the side. The black rapid does have
"Spring-loaded bumper locks" which are handy, but the swivel is a problem for
me, especially when hiking.

I have thought about a chest harness......The problem I see with that is if I ha
ve another pack on, now there are two
competing things to deal with, but...

   I agree Wayne. I do a lot of hiking with a pack and a camera. So that's
   why I went with the OpTech Reporter straps.  They attach to the pack
   straps which shifts the load to the packs built in harness system. I
   added the extensions so that I can just raise the camera to my eye for
   shooting and not have to un-clip (which is easy enough) . May not be
   necessary depending upon your pack. I added the stabilizer to hold the
   camera from bouncing around while hiking. I would advise against the
   single point carry as shown in the photo in the  link below for the
   reason Wayne suggests.
   All the parts and pieces:
   -Attach these (2) to the camera eyelets. I use these because the ones
   on the reporter straps are too big to leave on the camera. Plus I need
   the extension. And they can function with the various other OpTech
   straps if I ever decide.
   -These attach to the Reporter Straps and the mini connectors on the
   camera and may provide enough extension. If longer is needed see 2nd
   -Reporter Straps
   -Use this Stabilizer Strap to keep the camera from bouncing around. It
   is easy to slip in and out. I use the 12-100mm which tends to be nose
   heavy and point down but not a problem. The 14-150mm and smaller are
   held horizontal.
   Be aware that you may have to purchase two of some items to get the
   right male/female quick disconnect orientation. Not an issue since most
   items are less than $10. Some of the other options would be approaching
   3 figures and not be as functional IMHO


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