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Re: [OM] How does it look?

Subject: Re: [OM] How does it look?
From: "Wayne Harridge" <wayne.harridge@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 8 Feb 2024 19:20:16 +1100
After 3 days the second eye is seeing as well as the first eye (surgery 1 month 
ago) .  As for you I noticed a dramatic improvement in my vision after surgery, 
between the first and second surgeries I had an opportunity to compare the 2 
eyes unoperated eye was blurry and had a yellow cast compared with the operated 
eye which was sharp, contrasty and (probably) correctly colour balanced.  So 
far the only downside of the surgery was having to present at the hospital at 
06:00!  I have not had problems with halos around bright light sources since 
the surgeries but prior it looked like a 360 degree rainbow for each eye.

Thanks for the info on CA etc. Mike, I'm really happy with things now, DOF 
varies with light level (as expected) and seems to be better now than prior to 
surgery.  I will need spectacles for computer & reading but had that prior to 
surgery anyhow. 

The card I received after the surgery has this info for the IOL:

Model:  ICU100
Diopter:        +13.5D  SE 1.00D CYL
Phi r 0.13mm
Phi B 0.6mm

Dunno what it all means but it seems to be working!


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> You've gone into the technical depths of this much more than I have. For me,
> visual sharpness and color perception improved drastically after cataract
> surgery than before. The main visual issue is that I see crunchy halos around
> bright light sources at night. And I find bluish LED car headlights painful. 
> I call
> them "death rays." I just got a pair of light yellow glasses that fit over my
> regular specs. They mitigate the death-ray effect without significantly
> diminishing my view of the road and idiot pedestrians that insist on wearing
> black at night.
> I had other complications that I discussed here long ago. I had a detaching
> retina a year after the first surgery (fluid leaked under the retina from the
> pulling during surgery). And a macular pucker on the other eye a few months
> after the second. And I ended up seeing double at distances because the
> surgery and change of focal length aggravated underlying strabismus in both
> the vertical and horizontal planes. All this has been corrected now, but I 
> need
> prisms in my glasses for all but close vision. I'm an outlier--most people do
> fine.
> --Peter
>  > Wayne writes:
>  > <<Mike, interesting observation on CA as I've just had cataract surgery on
> > <<second eye this morning.  Do you have a good reference on the
> resultant  > <<visual effects of this surgery?
>  >
>  > I hope all went well. IOL exchanges are a pain.
>  >  The use of spherical aberration or other techniques to extend the depth
> of  > field for IOL's (Intraocular lens) informs the IOL choice and not much 
> to
> do  > after if the refractive targets were hit and you are happy.
>  >  On the other hand for someone with large pupils who drives at night
> frequently  > cancelling out the corneal pos SA  with an aspheric monofocal
> IOL may have an  > advantage to maximize contrast sensitivity at the cost of
> very narrow dof.
>  > Rayone EMV IOL uses modest pos SA in the center with a rapid taper to
> slightly  > neg SA towards periphery to extend the dof about 1.5 diopters.
> Truly  > accommodating IOL's with no downside (except expense of
> course)  are in the  > works but it will be a few years. Eyhance IOL uses a 
> small
> amount of neg SA  > but it buys only 0.4D or so on average of extended
> dof.  It does perform well  > in patients with largish pupils as the MTF 
> doesn't
> plummet as it cancels out  > the corneal pos SA. Clear vision, Mike
> --
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