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Re: [OM] OT: Throttled speed on ethernet extender

Subject: Re: [OM] OT: Throttled speed on ethernet extender
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 09 Jan 2024 08:32:46 -0700
On 2024-01-08 15:18, usher99--- via olympus wrote:

WayneS writes:

<<Trying to understand what you are doing?

<<So is the ethernet switch connected to the Moca a 10/100 switch? If so, get a 1000 switch. If the Moca is expecting 1G speed but the switch <<does not support that, it likely drops to 10 rather than 100.<<How old is your FIOS box? I recalled last time I had FIOS in Massachusetts they used ethernet and moca was phased out. If you call up Verizon <<and ask for a 1Gig plan they will be forced to replace your old box and no more coax.

Thank you for thinking about this Wayne. We had the ONT updated perhaps 5 years ago with a >1GB plan. The cable coming up from the FIOS box in the basement is now ethernet cable and not coax. The coax is only used to go to the FIOS TV box from the router. (wired backhaul because that cable was already in situ) The coax is split to the FIOS TV and then the extender. So the wired backhaul for the extender is coax and not ethernet. The new router and extender are a few months old. The Ethernet switch is plugged into one of the lan ports on the extender. The new extender (Unlike the old) throttles all traffic and the wifi at 10 mbs. If I unplug the Ethernet switch all is as it should be. The Vera controller is one device plugged into the switch. If I plug just that one device into a lan port on the extender it is back down to 10/10 upload and download wired and WIFI. I tried changing the coax (3ft cable) from the splitter to the extender but that made no difference. I have not yet tried just unplugging the vera controller from the switch box and see if the speeds stay up. I hated that switchbox but that was all the electrician had when I had him help me fish wires to redo my subwoofers and AV gear. 100 mbs is good enough for AV stuff for now. I thought the MOCA adapter hooked up on a 3 way splitter (Fios TV box, Extender, Moca adapter) and put the culprit device on that MIGHT fix the whole issue. Why the new Extender doesn't behave, I have no clue.
Pokey Parkway, Mike

Let me see if I understand. You have ethernet from the FIOS box. The coax is just for the TV. Yet you are connecting a Moca ethernet adapter (you are calling an extender?) to that for the purpose of ??. Because you don't want to run strictly on the ethernet?

So I assume you need more ethernet devices (wifi?) and using the Moca adapter for that. Again, is the ethernet switch a 1G switch or a 10/100 switch? Switches are cheap, if the switch causes the fallback to 10mbs, then try a different switch. If it is a 10/100 switch then the Moca adapter is falling back from 1G down to 10mbs and not stopping at 100.

The Vera controller (Z-wave), does it have 1G ethernet port or 10/100? I'm guessing 10/100. And the Vera is connected to the switch connected to the Moca adapter. If so, then the issue may be that Vera controller and the switch is dropping down to 10mbs rather than 100. The switch cannot buffer a 1G or 100mbs connection down to 10mbs, so it drops all connection speeds to the lowest common denominator. So the switch then has to push back the lower 10mbs speed back to the Moca adapter.

This is my best guess. Something on the Moca 1G port is not able to properly negotiate a 10/100 port to 100 and is dropping to it to 10. Either the switch or the Moca adapter is not going to 100. You could try plugging the Vera controller directly to the Moca and off the switch. But that may cause the Moca again to drop all the way to 10 as switches cannot buffer high speed to low speed.

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