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Re: [OM] A few images from near Lake Como and Sardinia

Subject: Re: [OM] A few images from near Lake Como and Sardinia
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 20 Aug 2023 21:54:19 -0700
On 8/19/2023 1:30 PM, usher99--- via olympus wrote:
Thanks Moose.  I totally agree with removing the bucket and the perspective correction.  
 I think I got lazy on some of those images and appreciate the nudge.  What tools do you like 
these days for perspective distortion correction?  Keystoning can be quite complex.

I almost exclusively use PS Edit=>Transform=>rotate, distort and perspective. This is both the most powerful, flexible tool I know of - and the easiest to mess up with. 😁 With great power comes great responsibility?

ACR filter correction seems pretty good--often I don't use it until after 

It seems the same thing as PS Filters=>Lens Correction. Both use the model of LF back adjustments, swing and tilt around centers. That avoids the danger of only expanding the top of a shot of a tall building with converging verticals into a squat building with straight verticals. The problem I've encountered is that I can't get it to get some/most of those images I've tried straight.

My basic process is to rotate to get a central V or H plumb/level, then push and pull corner handles, always so that the center handle ends up on the edge of the image. If I pull upper right corner out, I must push lower right corner in. This keeps proportions.

It seems to me that instances where simple, symmetrical correction is 
sufficient are few.

Wide angle adapter filter in PS seems to work too but can be tricky.

Hmmm. Never tried that. Just tried a few images. Seems all it does is pull in the stretched corners. Didn't do a thing for some. Did a good job on one Voightländer 10 mm shot, at a modest price in AoV.

Photolab has tools for complex perspective distortion and don't really need 
Viewpoint I don't think.

As I recall, Viewpoint did nothing I couldn't easily do myself. At some point, I tested some app or plug-in that id a good job of correction. Must not have been great, or I would still be using it?

There certainly is a learning curve as to how not to overdo.

Indeed! I hesitate before doing roll-overs. What looks right alone may easily 
look overdone in immediate comparison.

I think the SS was too low for the IS in the lens on the GM-5 in the Marnie 
portrait.  I use Topaz sharpen but your version is much better.  What did you 

Sharpening at large size may look good at that size, but has little effect on it once down sampled for display, esp., I suspect if downsampling is done on the fly by a site. Put it down to sampling softening, if you wish. Empirically, it's just so.

I down sampled, then used Topaz Sharpen AI Standard, Lens Blur, 50, 0, 25. Then masked and painted down the effect on busy background, skin, etc.

I'll study the others as well.

I tried to show the six different areas in the lake landscape. But hey, wait a minute, didn't I do a roll over for that? Well, yes, I did. <http://www.moosemystic.net/Gallery/Others/Usher/ViewofBellagio.htm>

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