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Re: [OM] Whereâ??s Waldo Schnozz

Subject: Re: [OM] Whereâ??s Waldo Schnozz
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2023 07:56:30 -0700
At 5/9/2023 05:09 PM, AK wrote:
>> Good to hear from you, I always wonder what is happening there.
>> By "flying myself" - are you also the pilot?
>> Go where ever your heART takes you.
>Nope. Alaska Airlines if it's a primary "hub" location (don't laugh).
>Charter flights otherwise. I'm doing one "music festival" in a
>location where quite literally all the bands, me, and our equipment
>are flying in on a single Beechcraft 1900. Nope, I'm not too excited
>about that either. Sounds like an unfortunate CNN headline in the
>My heART is taking me in some all-new directions. It's a bit strange
>in that while I've been involved in various forms of the music
>industry for ages and ages, I've not performed on stage since 1985 and
>that was under great protest. For my entire marriage, our agreement
>was that I would not do so as my professional musician wife was very
>insecure about having to compete with me, so that's one reason why I
>was so intense with photography.
>The DJing was a very weird experiment. I saw something that clicked
>with me and I decided to dive in head first from the tallest
>springboard. Obviously, I hurt my brain or something. But keep in mind
>that the concept you may have of a DJ (wedding, corporate party, party
>in the park, etc.) is not the direction I've been going. My style is
>very much intense nightclub and performative DJ. Unlike Steve Aoki,
>I'm not throwing cakes into the audience or taking off my shirt, but
>that style of active, in-your-face stage-performance is what I'm
>trying to develop. Yet, my mentor has been making sure that I master
>Hip-Hop turntablist DJing. (scratching, etc). That stuff is hard. I'd
>rather jump and dance, but he is keeping me grounded with quick-mixes,
>word-play, and effectively doing a constant unending song mashup.
>Industry-standard song interval for DJing is 2 minute average. 30
>songs per hour. When going at my own maximum speed, I'm down to around
>35 seconds per song. My typical is 60 songs per hour, but that's
>because I run one full-length anthem-style song (Lady Gaga's "Born
>This Way") every 15 minutes to anchor the set and give people a chance
>to own it. But my practice sessions usually are 90-120 songs per hour.
>As with photography, I've gone at this with the same intensity and
>engineering thought process. Anything worth doing is worth overdoing.
>Unlike photography, I'm making a bunch of money at this too. So that's
>But the intensity of what I'm doing is pretty rough. Ever since I
>almost croaked from Covid (before it officially came to the USA), my
>ADHD has been severe and I hardly sleep. Between the day job and the
>music, I'm averaging 70-80 hours a week. I know that's not healthy,
>but it is what it is right now and I'm enjoying it too much to slow
>AK Schnozz

Please don't croak on us. You have always been on the intense side.
Must have come from Velvia.

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