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Re: [OM] Whereâ??s Waldo Schnozz

Subject: Re: [OM] Whereâ??s Waldo Schnozz
From: Wayne Shumaker <om3ti@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 09 May 2023 16:10:53 -0700
At 5/7/2023 10:02 PM, Waldo Schnozz wrote:
>This is just one of the many sightings. I've been working with a
>couple of bands up here in Alaska doing co-gigs. We alternate between
>DJ sets and live music. While we have some fine-tuning to do, it's
>actually working out brilliantly. It's really fun when we actually do
>a live transition from one to the other. I'm also working with a
>couple other musicians to start an EDM band which by very nature is a
>weird crossover thing. Meanwhile, I'm continuing to work on creating
>original music (mostly techno or remixed pop/hip-hop/dance). My new
>goal is to be doing some festivals NEXT summer on at least two
>continents. Whether that happens or not, at least I'm having fun and
>doing something I've never done before. My other goal is to have a
>once-a-month "residency" somewhere in Asia. (I'm currently negotiating
>for a large event gig in the Philippines with the high likelihood of
>I've gotten heavily immersed in the Alaska music scene. Fortunately
>(and unfortunately) everyone knows everyone. I'm told that I'm the
>best sound engineer in the state. I wouldn't say that I am, but I'm
>likely the only one who isn't high or drunk. I'm not saying that the
>two things correlate, but I'm not saying they don't either.
>I did finally have to acquire a few sound-system items of my own for
>some contracted gigs this summer. The fun part is flying myself and a
>bunch of sound gear around the state to remote locations. I did pick
>up a pair of QSC K12.2 loudspeakers as QSC is the speaker of choice up
>here in the north. Reliable, sound excellent, and they can be used for
>rentals everywhere. I picked up a secondhand QSC TouchMix-16 for the
>gigs that I don't want to drag a Yamaha LS9-32/Dante around. I run it
>from an iPad. At the end of the season I'll probably sell everything,
>get new ones for next year. (I bought everything heavily discounted)
>The new Yamaha DM3 is looking very enticing and my heart is always
>going to be with Yamaha digital mixers.
>On the other hand, I might not get new stuff next year if things go a
>different way and I'm doing the travel thing. If so, I'm probably
>going to put a fork in the live-sound thing altogether--I've been
>doing it for many decades now. I'm having much more fun being in the
>front of the room instead of the back.
>Anyway, I'm alive and well. I don't sleep much. The day job is pretty
>awesome. Sadly, I don't have much of a chance to take pictures.
>However, I recognized that I was using Photography as an escape from
>domestic problems and abusive relationship. With changes in life
>events and lifestyles, I'm just taking a bit of a mental break from it
>for a while until the artistic juices start flowing in that direction
>again. My efforts right now are in music, but if/when that runs its
>course, the cameras will take priority again.
>Alaska is super awesome. I'm where I'm supposed to be.
>AK Schnozz

Good to hear from you, I always wonder what is happening there.
By "flying myself" - are you also the pilot?
Go where ever your heART takes you.

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