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[OM] More moré

Subject: [OM] More moré
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2023 10:45:00 -0900
What would cause lens to have black-and-white instead of colored moré?

At the church we're using Panasonic cameras (FF versions) for our
online broadcast and have a few weird oddities we have to deal with.
Behind the stage is a MASSIVE video wall. It's one of those
new-fangled LED walls. The problem is that we do get aliasing patterns
in our camera shots that have the background visible. The primary
reason we went to full-frame is the ability to narrow up the DoF to
blur the background better to reduce the aliasing patterns.

These patterns are always colored.


We're testing a lens, a tilt-shift lens, and the patterns are B&W. the
color artifacts are desaturated.

As Panasonic does not use any effective physical AA filter on the
sensor, it does the antialiasing as part of the image-processing
chain. Why would this be different with one lens? And is there a way
to force this into the other camera lenses too? We are able to better
deal with monochromatic aliasing elsewhere in the signal chain, and
it's also much less problematic.

Just asking for thoughts from the collective.

Oh, and hi everyone! I'm still alive! I really should share more about the trip.

AG Schnozz
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