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Re: [OM] Where is everything? i.e Photoshop 2023

Subject: Re: [OM] Where is everything? i.e Photoshop 2023
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2022 11:47:21 -0800
On 11/6/2022 4:19 PM, MICHAEL GORDON via olympus wrote:
Usual stealth upgrades occurred and not typically an issue.

Oh my! I don't allow stealth. When updating manually through Creative Cloud, one has choices about things like deleting older versions and carrying plug-ins and customizations forward.

Otherwise, new releases do tend to leave one unsatisfied. Just did both machines, with no problems but a few missing old plug-ins. See 2.c below.

This time all presets are gone and actions no where to be seen.

Screen layout, etc. may be saved as "Workspaces"
Named sets of Actions may be saved.

Probably hiding in previous version and I have them on a jump drive as this seems to be 
déjà vu all over again borrowing a phrase from Yogi Berra.

Is there an easy fix?

1. Did it uninstall last version? If not, uninstall, then reinstall manually, 
with right options.

2. Open old version on jump,
    a. Create saved Workspace. load it in new version.

    b. Save Actions, then load in new version.

    c. It used to be that copying plugins from C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop 20xx\Plug-ins\ of the last version to the same place in the new one would take care of that.

With PS 2023, there is nothing there but an empty PS directory, but many Plug-ins are nonetheless available in the program. OTOH, a few older ones aren't there. I copied them across, and - magic - there they are in 2023.

Probably need to (re)install the Topaz stuff

Confuse A. Moose

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