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[OM] Nathan's PAD 4/8/2022: three Madrid dogs

Subject: [OM] Nathan's PAD 4/8/2022: three Madrid dogs
From: Nathan Wajsman <photo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 5 Aug 2022 21:53:57 +0200
My daughter has been visiting her brother in New Jersey for the past 2 week. 
She came back this morning, and I had to pick her up in Madrid, about 4 hours 
drive from Alicante. Since the PhotoEspaña festival is on right now, I went to 
Madrid yesterday morning and spent all day visiting several photo exhibitions. 
I saw much great and inspiring work, but for my daily pics I show you three 

I started my day with the most important exhibition, of photos by Catalan 
photographer Francesc Català-Roca, at an exhibition centre of the Madrid 
autonomous region. The exhibition was a total revelation that proved to me 
conclusively that Català-Roca was one of the 2-3 greatest photographers of the 
20th century, far superior to some of our icons including Cartier-Bresson, held 
back by being from what was than a cultural backwater under a Fascist 
dictatorship and thus not on the radar screen of the cognoscenti in New York, 
Paris, and other cultural capitals of the world. I will write more about him 
later, but in the meantime here is the lady at the front desk of the exhibition 
venue, with her assistant:

I had parked my car at the hotel and used the excellent Madrid metro to move 
around the city throughout the day. I have no idea about the rules for bringing 
dogs on the metro, but this is Spain and we are pragmatic here. I took several 
photos of this fellow passenger, with my Fuji camera, with my phone, and with 
my Olympus film camera. Here is the Fuji shot:

I finished the day with dinner at a Japanese restaurant in the Chueca 
neighbourhood, a part of Madrid full of gay bars, vegan shops and otherwise 
great vibes. I went there to see an exhibition of work by a Czech photographer. 
Afterwards, I had dinner and on my way back to the metro, I photographed my 
third dog of the day:

I had a great day in Madrid, despite the temperatures approaching 40C, making 
it a bit challenging to walk around. Fortunately, cold beer is widely available 


Nathan Wajsman



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