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[OM] Moosehead Lake trip and with MW shots

Subject: [OM] Moosehead Lake trip and with MW shots
From: Mike Gordon via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2021 00:51:54 +0000 (UTC)
Cc: usher99@xxxxxxx
This was our first jaunt out of our area since COVID.  We had consulted 
Photopils and I rented a few lenses just for the occasion.    Marnie had 
practiced diligently in the procedures required  for Milky Way shots with the 
lenses we had. Sometimes needed encouragement to get outside, brave the 
mosquitos, and give it a go. 
I was quite insistent she have it down cold so she could concentrate on 
composition and not be intimidated by the mechanics.  

We had to stay a a rather grisly lodge however.  The best compliment one could 
come up with was it was "clean." 
Such was the price of visiting a class 3 Bortle.

  Ironically she had an easier time as I had mostly used the E-M1 MkIII to 
insure she had no issues.  We had used the MKII before, but the new cam was 
wildly different for astro.

The Starry sky AF was super easy to use as well as live time for the foreground 
shots so can watch the histo and image accumulate and don't have to guess on 
exposure.  She trained in using the intervalometer to stack manually.   We also 
using the the hand held high res feature  (on tripod of course) automagically 
stacked the stars (blurred foreground of course)  as long as the sky 
predominated.  We did not have to use Sequater for those images but merging the 
images at different resolutions required a trick.   I don't understand why, but 
the MW Oly images had a weird greenish cast and it took quite a while with 
gradient filters, radial filters and prolonged fussing in my hands to 
ameliorate.  I ended up partially desaturating the water in sections. 
I guess as long as one doesn't know how the sausage is made, it is OK.  We'll 
see what the verdict is on the list.   I had to manually focus on Jupiter (very 
bright that night) but my AF switch on the lens got switched to AF and ruined a 
nice shot.  I practiced only a couple times with the Sonnie which was a 
problem.  Marnie made no procedural errors.   You can see below we scoped out 
the Island during he day  and shot it at night with the MW right over it.  It 
was very cloudy two of the 3 nights we had allowed and were lucky for 8 hours 
of clearing at night. 


Likes to work in the dark like radiologists, Mike

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