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Re: [OM] Queen of the Skies

Subject: Re: [OM] Queen of the Skies
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 16 May 2021 13:06:15 -0800
> Nice image!  I see them, too, but they are at 35,000 ft., headed North.

PANC is the global "bird feeder". It's gotta be about the best airport
in the world for plane-spotting. A little while after taking this
picture we watched one of the Antonov AN-124 aircraft take off. I took
over 500 pictures while on the date. I appreciate that he was a good
sport about it all.

It was actually quite gusty and some of the landings were rather
sporting. The last landing we saw should have been a go-around. The
pilot almost struck the ground with a wing, bounced it hard, came down
sideways and appeared to briefly go off the runway. Actually, he
probably did do damage, because the airport ground crew drove out
there right away to do a runway inspection. We were about to leave,
but decided to stick around for a couple minutes after that. It was
one of those landings where you see the landing lights shining
directly at you, they disappear as the plane is facing the other
direction, and then you see them again, then you don't...

AK Schnozz
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