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Re: [OM] New Year's Bud - Aftermath

Subject: Re: [OM] New Year's Bud - Aftermath
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 13 May 2021 21:28:55 -0700
On 5/13/2021 8:17 PM, Jan Steinman wrote:
On May 11, 2021, at 03:16, olympus-request@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
On 1/3/2021 8:44 PM, Moose wrote:
The large camellia by our front door is always the first thing in our garden to 

Do you know the species and variety?

Not a clue. Came with the house when I bought it - over 39 years ago. That's a lot of 
camellia flowers under the bridge. 😁

Have you tried drying and drinking it?

No. Which parts? (Ah, Wikipedia to the rescue, leaves, maybe buds.)

Camelia sinensis has a lot of caffeine. It's what they put in tea bags. :-)

I don't do caffeine. Not a matter of some sort of belief system. I was a heavy coffee drinker, but one day, somewhere between 2 and 3 decades ago, I just lost interest. Never much of a non-herbal tea drinker. I drink it occasionally to be polite. Not bad, but doesn't attract me to seek it out.

I wake up easily and am ready to go sans caffeine. Drives Carol a little nuts, as she creeps hazily toward the closest source of coffee.

Lost interest in sodas long ago. Lost interest in herbal teas more recently. I do love sparkly water. 😉 Wine and beer in quite moderate quantities please me.

Safe for Camellias Moose

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