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[OM] Anyone using Datacolor Spyder on a laptop with external screens(s)?

Subject: [OM] Anyone using Datacolor Spyder on a laptop with external screens(s)?
From: Mike Bloor <admin@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2021 16:35:59 +0000
I recently bought a Spyder X. I have a Dell XPS 9370 laptop with a powered Dell TB16 Thunderbolt dock. The dock has two 24" LED screens attached. If I use a USB A to C convertor and plug the Spyder into the laptop directly, the software can find it. If I plug the Spyder into the dock, which is much more convenient, I cannot select the Spyder as a calibration source, it keeps resetting to "none".

I have queried this with Datacolor and received the replies, "The dock is the issue - Be sure not to connect your Spyder through a USB hub or extension cord; only connect directly to your computer" and "Fact is, that the SpyderX hardware must be directly connected to the USB-port of the computer on which the SpyderX software is installed. Furthermore, the computer display(s) you want to ICC calibrate with the Spyder need to be directly connected to the computers graphics card (no docking station, no switch, no connectors, no hub, no extension cords...)".

Does this make sense? My laptop has Intel UHD Graphics 620. This supports up to three displays. My understanding is that the Thunderbolt dock is simply taking two digital streams from the laptop's internal graphics "card" and transferring them to two DisplayPort connectors on the dock. If displays could only be connected directly to the laptop, that would immediately rule many Apple laptops out of supporting multiple displays.

In any case, I don't see why the way the displays are attached relates to how the Spyder has to be connected. Surely the USB data stream is just extended by using the dock. Nothing else that I use will work only when directly connected to the laptop. That includes mouse, keyboard, external disk, camera, DVD writer, bar code scanner, printer etc. It seems to me that the Spyder, or its software, is the issue - not the dock.

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