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[OM] Wildlife cameras

Subject: [OM] Wildlife cameras
From: Mike Bloor <admin@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2020 17:38:27 +0000
Does anyone have any recommendations on cameras for autonomously capturing pictures/video of wildlife? Likely targets will be badgers, foxes and otters.

Some years ago, I bought a Stealth Cam Wildview Digital Scout Camera. This had passive IR detection, built-in flash and saved images or video to a memory card. It was basically useless. The response time was so long that anything had moved out of frame before the picture was taken. The flash also only gave a reasonable exposure if the subject was at just the right distance. In test shots, most subjects were washed out or just black. The feedback from the manufacturer was that it was intended for photographing slow moving animals such as deer.

An alternative I looked at later was an outdoor webcam with Wi-Fi and IR illumination, feeding back to a PC with software that included motion detection. This worked, but only within a very limited range of the house because of the Wi-Fi range. I'm really looking for something that will function at the end of our garden, about 100 to 120 meters from the house.

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