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[OM] Nathan's PAD 12/9/2020: testing the Fotodiox AF adapter

Subject: [OM] Nathan's PAD 12/9/2020: testing the Fotodiox AF adapter
From: Mike Gordon via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 13 Sep 2020 22:28:44 +0000 (UTC)
Cc: usher99@xxxxxxx
It seemed to focus decently on Monica's eye's, though perhaps a smidge front 
Be advised that the Pronto AF adapters have been total clones of the 
Techartpro.  That is clearly the case for Sony E mount and any mount
that they make.  I don't think they make Fuji  X so they had to modify the 
spacing and perhaps the AF software. 

 As I mentioned ages ago but probably lost in the dust of history the adapters 
are mechanically
virtually identical with the same flaws. The Pronto Leica M to Sonnie is said 
not be be able have the firmware updated but one can just use the TAP firmware 
with no problem.  Both are plagued by the development of a wobble due to under 
engineering/design flaws.  TAP knew about this over 4 years ago and still makes 
the same defective adapters.  I would consider the purchase a short term lease. 
 It will probably be OK for many portraits but using it with  the wobble will 
degrade sharpness.  I don't feel that badly about one Chinese company ripping 
off the intellectual property of the other as TAP has egregiously poor customer 
service and had not modified 
the very flawed design despite being aware of this for a loooooong time--copied 
flaws and all by Pronto.  I hope yours is better, but don't be surprised if 
problems develop.  I see the aperture is listed as F1--probably need that for 
proper exposure.  On Sony must have "F2" or put in the proper aperture and use 
exp comp to get proper exposure.  Oh, assuming it has the same software flaw 
(likely), if storing with the adapter on the cam, take out battery and reinsert 
or it will drain the battery.  

Not a fan of Pronto or TAP though the concept is great, Mike

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