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[OM] IMG: Olympus 50/2.0 Macro as a Walk-Around Lens

Subject: [OM] IMG: Olympus 50/2.0 Macro as a Walk-Around Lens
From: Jim Nichols <jhnichols@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 7 May 2020 13:00:07 -0500
I received a 50/2.0 Macro lens from B&H yesterday, and slipped it on the old E-1 this morning to see how it functioned as a daily walk-around lens.  I sought a wide variety of subjects to get a feel for its focusing and resolution, from treetops and clouds to my utility meter.  With a breeze blowing, and several small subjects, it took a little while to get used to its focusing habits, but, as you will see from the utility meter, resolution is very good.

A colorful fly:


Common Fleabane:


Small, colorful Iris:


Tree tops and clouds:


Resolution test:


Common housefly holding on to blowing leaf:


I'm looking forward to the butterflies with this lens.

Jim Nichols
Tullahoma, TN USA

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