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Re: [OM] Scanner profiling with Vuescan and IT8 printed target

Subject: Re: [OM] Scanner profiling with Vuescan and IT8 printed target
From: Mike Gordon via olympus <olympus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 10 Feb 2020 23:13:21 +0000 (UTC)
Cc: usher99@xxxxxxx
> To profile the scanner itself, so that differences in films are retained
> in the scans, is a trickier business.

Silverfast Negafix is a "soft" profile and they don't have targets in a good 
number of current emulsions.  It does retain the original spectral 
sensitivities of the film which can be later tamed in post if desired. AGafix 
in AK does a very nice job of these.  Mooseafix is excellent  too but  the 
owner doesn't need too much extra work. Curiously the old Portra 160 NC with a 
"hard" profile was quite accurate and nice for landscapes though the original 
prints were flat---sublime for portraits though.  I have attached an email from 
Silverfast tech when I enquired about soft profiles for other films:

"Dear Mike,

 we can only create Negafix profiles, which are combined scanner/film profiles, 
on emulsions our
 supplier prints targets on. So unfortunately we do not have a Portra 160 

 But you could take a profile from the old Portra emulsion and adjust it 
manually, save it
 (in the Ai Studio version) and build up your own personal profile library.

 Vuescan lets the user himself photograph an IT8 target and then measure out 
the color fields on
 it. I did never try that but can imagine, that this kills the character of the 
material because it is
 a really hard profiling (again: not really sure about this). Additionally the 
developing process and
 the exposure value of the film would have a really big influence on this as 

 Our NegaFix profiles are made out of three targets (-1, +-0, +1 exp) and a 
powerful mathematic algorithm which keeps the typically film effects of the 
emulsion. There is also a color cast removal inside of Negafix which can be 
switched on or off for creative photography that
 sometimes really likes to keep color shifts through the choice of film, 
filters or cross developing.

 Maybe you give our demo version a try and have a look at the NegaFix dialogue 
 When getting your demo serial, choose the Ai Studio version to get all expert 
 possibilities enabled.

 Kind regards
 Nico Schneider
 - LSI Support Specialist -"

I say let Velvia be Velvia.

Mika-no-longer-fix,  (until new scanner), Mike

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