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Re: [OM] Golden Child

Subject: Re: [OM] Golden Child
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 7 Feb 2020 08:57:48 -0900
> God, have mercy on him that he finds his shovels. Spare him the frost-bites 
> and blisters too :-)
> And yes, the soft light is gorgeous !

It's supposed to be around or above freezing the next couple of
days!!!!! We're going hiking somewhere around here. As the avalanche
risk is diminished, we may do a hike up in the high country. We may do
Flat Top or Rendezvous Peak if trail conditions allow. Pretty
doubtful, though, unless we are wearing snowshoes. Last Saturday, we
hiked the powerline trail that runs below Flat Top and that was
absolutely perfect.

The snow didn't quite reach the second story window of our igloo. This
isn't Whittier or Valdez. We barely get any snow here compared to
those two towns on the other side of the Chugach mountains. The Cook
Inlet has a significantly different "climate" than Prince William
Sound. And a half hour drive north and it is very different too.

The OM-3Ti has a roll of B&W film in it right now. I've been shooting
with it and the OM-4T bodies, and have about a dozen rolls of film
waiting for me to process them.

The daylight here is always a little weird. For about three months of
the year, ALL sunlight is "golden hour" with the sun remaining low in
the sky. The white-balance is also a bit skewed from the normal and is
harder to nail. In the deep of summer, the sun never actually gets
high in the sky, so there is always a raking sunlight across the
scene. The weirdest part is how the sun rises in the north, goes all
the way around the sky and sets back in the north again for a couple
of hours. In June and July, you can shoot 24 hours a day as it's still
light enough out to read a newspaper.

AK Schnozz
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