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Re: [OM] Of Alaska, Photography, and Work

Subject: Re: [OM] Of Alaska, Photography, and Work
From: Chris Barker <ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 28 Jun 2019 09:32:11 +0100
I’ll add my good wishes for your future, Ken.  It sounds like a very fragile 
company organisation for it to fold so quickly, but then I suppose I shouldn’t 
be surprised.  it’s the US way (and I don’t like it).

I’d be wary of the crazy money if it’s in some very hot places; I remember a 
Tornado nav saying about 25 years ago that you’d think that for crazy money you 
could sit for two years on a great big pile of sh*t and not worry about it, but 
you’d be wrong.  That was his verdict on working for the air force in Saudi, 
but other places would be much more dangerous, even now.

Good luck – whatever happens.


> On 26 Jun 2019, at 05:33, Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> It's been a wild ride the past couple of weeks. My new contracting job
> got shut down after three months and I was give a one day notice.
> Ouch! Absolutely no fault of my own. They failed the honor the one
> year commitment.
> It's been a mad scramble, but it looks like we have a plan in place.
> As soon as the paperwork gets processed, I'll start working as a
> contractor for the company I left three months ago. My old boss (why I
> left) was fired several weeks later. I've got unfinished business--a
> project that is one to tell the grandkids about. But it's for one
> year. My goal is to either get hired for a certain senior engineer
> position in their strategic planning organization, or to leave. In the
> meantime, we'll be working on certain preparations for me to go back
> to work full-time for the company I just worked for in another
> high-level position. So, if I get offered the senior engineer
> position, we stay in Alaska for the foreseeable future. If not, then
> we will likely be moving in a year. Possibly to the DC area.
> Another option is to spend a year or two overseas for some super crazy
> money. Super CRAZY money.
> Regardless, we're looking at what may be our final year in Alaska. The
> thought of leaving makes me sick to my stomach. We absolutely love it
> here. But the opportunities for career growth are limited. I'll be
> working on my options and will try to have something nailed down in
> about nine months.
> With this understanding in mind, I'm going to redouble on the
> photography and put true effort into making some art, instead of just
> spraying and praying. I have shot ONE roll of film since being here.
> The photographic opportunities have been so intense that I couldn't
> take the time to shoot/process/scan anything. But I need to.
> But at the same time, with the increase in hiking and climbing, I'm
> really feeling the need for something small and lightweight. Maybe
> something Micro Four-Thirdsish. Who knows. We just have to make it
> past the next month before spending ANY money.

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