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Subject: Re: [OM] [OT] IR Filters
From: Moose <olymoose@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2019 22:21:58 -0700
On 6/23/2019 5:43 PM, Willie Wonka via olympus wrote:
  I bought this item off of Amazon:

It is identical to this one, same manufacturer, different vendor:

I was led to believe that my pictures would look like the example given in the 
latter link, but instead, I see the following:

This is a portion of my front yard and the camera was facing the sun. As you 
can see, the pictures do not look as advertised. I think I tried to go through 
the entire spectrum of the filter adjustments.
Any theories why my pictures do not resemble anything that was posted in the 
description of the filter capabilities?

It appears that you have jumped into the deep end of a somewhat difficult and complex type of photography. In addition to the questionable example photos, you should have read the description:

"Infrared filters, sometimes called IR filters or heat-absorbing filters, are designed to allow IR mid-infrared wavelengths while block visible light.
. . .
Digital cameras are usually equipped with IR-blocking filters to prevent unnatural-looking images. IR-transmitting (passing) filters, or removal of factory IR-blocking filters, are commonly used in infrared photography to pass infrared light and block visible and ultraviolet light. Such filters appear black to the eye, but are transparent when viewed with an IR sensitive device."

So, you have added a device that blocks most visible wavelengths to a camera body that blocks most IR. So, guess what? You get the bit of long red and short IR light that gets past the two filters. Probably because the filter you bought isn't sharp cut-off, and perhaps the one in the camera also isn't, there is a hole where you get some light, but it's all red light.

It's possible to make B&W, semi IR photos with an unmodified camera, but real IR work needs the IR filter in the Camera removed.

What was done to create the sample images in the listing, I don't know. Perhaps a camera with IR filter removed and variable, not very sharp cut-off and not very efficient IR blocking filter added?

True IR photography is always monotone, because the colors we see and cameras ordinarily record for us don't get to the sensor. Here's an example of a classic IR photo. <http://ctein.com/Peggy.jpg> I have a print of this; it's gorgeous.

It seems to me that you have been seduced by some odd images into something 
that's not going to do what you want.

Bad News Moose

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