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Re: [OM] Flying high

Subject: Re: [OM] Flying high
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 20 Apr 2017 12:20:27 -0500
> One must question the law there. It's a part of our former fascist president
> and his government that was an over the top and ineffectual response to the
> 9-11 situation that  only served to energize Fox news viewers.  It probably
> should be rewritten, but I doubt there is anyone in Congress who's up to the
> job.

Some of the laws governing this specific area of carriage would pretty
much predate 9/11 by a few centuries and predate air-travel itself. I
don't think you can blame Bush/Fox for that. Besides, I'd like to see
anybody on any airplane in any country get away with refusing to
comply with direct orders from the crew and getting away with it. The
moment you cross the threshold and enter an aircraft or board a boat,
the captain owns your a&&.

I too had an experience where the flight crew announced that either
somebody leave the airplane or they would cancel the flight. I
personally had already volunteered for bump, but was denied because of
connecting flight issues by the airline itself. But honestly, I've
missed enough flights through the years that getting bumped is an
inconvenience, but is certainly not the end of the world.

United will probably pay this guy and his lawyer a couple million
dollars to make him go away, but there is the possibility of charges
being pressed against him for the half-dozen laws he broke. Some of
which are felonies, which would cause him to lose his medical license
all over again.

Probably my most favorite missed flight/bump story is when I got
invited by a competitor to present a joint solution to a customer. (we
lost the primary contract to the competitor, but they failed to
deliver, so were hiring us to fulfill the contract). I made it to the
meeting, the competitor did not because he got bumped. Let's just say
that the temptation to go "scorched earth" on him did cross my mind,
but I was a really good doobie and behaved myself.

REALLY! I did.  More or less...

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