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Re: [OM] Focal reducer samples (was E-M1 vs E-M5II)

Subject: Re: [OM] Focal reducer samples (was E-M1 vs E-M5II)
From: John Hudson <OM4T@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Tue, 17 May 2016 13:41:37 -0300

Ssshh now ! ..........That's Piers' family digs in XPRO2921 :-)


On 5/17/2016 12:36 PM, Piers Hemy wrote:
Herewith some examples, all using a 35/2.8 T/S lens, apertures used not
recorded, but certainly full-aperture in the first two cases:

1) Without the focal reducer, thus 35mm f/l on an APS-C sensor:
a) with the lens fully shifted to the right - see the vignetting in the
corners at left of the image:
b) the previous image stitched with its twin to the right, composite cropped
to remove vignetting

2) With the focal reducer and the same 35/2.8 T/S, thus effectively 25/2 T/S
a) with the lens unshifted, untilted. Look carefully at the specular
highlights in the bottom LH corner for the CA:
b) with the lens shifted downwards - even more CA in the lower LH corner,
but look also at the tree branches against the sky in the top LH corner (and
some adjustments to vibrance and clarity here):
c) with the lens shifted downwards - no specular highlights, no back lit
trees in the corners, no CA seen on the line of the horizon (but it isn't in
the corners).

I hope to have chosen some images which give an idea of detail resolution
with and without the focal reducer, as well as the CA with it. But note that
I didn't choose the subjects with that in mind! Apart from the edits
mentioned, these are all straight exports from the raw files in LR.

Thanks for asking the question, Joel, I think you have drawn me to evaluate
my purchase more carefully than I had chosen to do before. I am glad that I
did, I am happy with the results.


PS Happy with the results is one thing, but as delivered the adapter was
devoid of the usual screw in the bayonet to prevent turning it the wrong way
on the camera. It was such a tight fit that I (wrongly) assumed I had been
turning it bassackwards, and proceeded to do precisely that, turned the
adapter anticlockwise on the camera with the result that the s/s spring in
the camera bayonet acted as a pawl, preventing removal of the adapter
without excessive force, and a badly mangled s/s spring (never mind the
scored adapter bayonet). The good news is that Fuji UK were happy to supply
a replacement s/s spring. Free of charge too. Even better news is that a
small application of Sugru to the relevant part of the bayonet prevents me
repeating the offence. I now "don't need no stinkin' screw in the bayonet".

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On Mon, May 16, 2016 at 11:53 AM, Piers Hemy <piers@xxxxxxxx> wrote:


A little gallery, you say? Maybe I can dig some out, stay tuned.

Thanks in advance!

Joel W.

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