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Re: [OM] An image and some news

Subject: Re: [OM] An image and some news
From: Chuck Norcutt <chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2016 08:13:41 -0400
Since I am the diffraction complainer I must admit that I often now follow the Moose's advice and shoot at f/11 although f/9 used to be my limit. I also like the 12-50mm lens and it's macro mode.

But... the Moose must have been in need of some sleep at 1:17am when he suggested that f/11 vs f/8 would not only have given you greater DoF but also allow a faster shutter speed. Or maybe the E-M5 Mk II has some nifty tricks up its sleeve.

BTW, my DoF calculator set at a modest CoC for 4/3 (.0167 or 60 lines/mm) says the 12-50 in macro mode (fixed 43mm) and focused at 300mm (a bit shy of 1 foot) has DoF range (rounded to the nearest mm)
@ f/8  - 295-306 mm
@ f/11 - 293-308 mm

Chuck Norcutt

On 5/11/2016 1:17 AM, Moose wrote:
It was taken with the OMD5 and 12-50mm lens. For reasons
mainly to do with loss of electricity in the camera ( now resolved) I
had not used it much and only this week have I started carting it around
with me as a conscious decision.

The 12-50 is one of my most used lenses. A good lens in general, and the
Macro mode avoids many lens changes.

I'm still
finding out how the camera-lens combo works; for example just how much
DOF can I wring out of f/8;

I would have shot it at f11, or both. In spite of the hand wringing
about diffraction softening, f11 very often works well with deep
subjects on 4/3 size sensors. That would give slightly better DoF AND
allow a faster shutter speed. Most likely a slightly sharper result.
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