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Subject: Re: [OM] LEDs R Us
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 25 Oct 2015 00:11:18 -0500
> Wind is a bad economic decision.  You'll just have to suck it up.

Actually, it's just fine. The distribution system is adequate and
we're effectively growing our power very well here in Iowa. The issue
is that even before the wind farms, this particular utility company
had a high rate to begin with. Secondly, the demand for wind energy is
very high. Huh?

The Google, Facebook and Microsoft data centers are being located here
for the wind energy. They have purchased a huge percentage of the
entire production themselves. Iowa also sells a substantial amount of
the energy to other states too. The utility companies have set up
independent operations for the generation of wind energy so we
consumers in Iowa see no cost savings benefit as we are buying the
energy like everybody else. (Those data centers consume MASSIVE
amounts of electricity).

Over 30% of our electricity is wind generated and new towers are going
up all the time. By the end of next year, we'll have 7000 MW of
production on line.

One thing that really grouses us has to do with the government subsidy
argument. Wind/solar/ethanol are always compared to oil, but the
comparisons conveniently always overlook the subsidies given to the
oil companies. Imagine that!

Anyway, wind energy works and works extremely well. We've been
replacing old coal fired plants with Natural Gas plants that are
designed for peak and on-demand needs. When the winds are such that
the turbines are producing peak power, only the base load coal/nuclear
plants are operating. We have to keep those consistent as it takes up
to 48 hours to cycle a boiler. Pretty much all the NG plants are
idled. As we increase the wind capacity, we can reduce the base
systems. In Iowa, the wind turbines generate about 34% of their annual
potential, which is the highest anywhere in this country. Depending on
location, most turbines will only produce around 15% of their annual
potential. Unfair analysis by the critics say 5%. There is a big
difference between the critics' 5% and Iowa's measurable run-rate of

Again, it works. And the construction of these things are local too.
Almost 7000 people are employed all around the state in the industry.
We make the towers, blades and generators right here.

Best of all, it makes all that farm land dual-use. We farm the ground,
we farm the air. AND the farmland is usually healthier because of the
turbines. The turbines generate enough turbulence to reduce fungus and
pestilence. Unfortunately, there are billions of birds that die every
year.  NOT!!!!! It is not common to have killed birds and it's
becoming even less common now that they're learning how to avoid the

And they make great subjects for our cameras.

AG Windy Schnozz
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