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[OM] Oh my goodness

Subject: [OM] Oh my goodness
From: Ken Norton <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Jun 2015 11:04:23 -0500
My daughters just accused me of going all fan-girl over my own
pictures, but yowza.

Fed-Ex just arrived with two of three shipments from Millerslab. One
of the two contain two 20x24 metal prints. These are ink on brushed
aluminum with brushed aluminum frame.

One is the open gate, the other is a reworked version of my genie cloud picture.


Honestly, they look hand-painted and are simply off-the-charts!!!
Simply stunning. I had suspicions of how they would look on this
material, but I wasn't prepared to be go speechless.

Now, for the big test. Will they sell? How to price them? I had a
target price in mind from a businessman perspective. From an artistic
perspective, they demand a whole different price.

Tomorrow, the canvas prints arrive.

I had four images printed up (three copies each) of the schoolhouse,
open gate and the genie cloud on 11x14 metallic paper. Everything is
mounted. The schoolhouse pictures look really good on the metallic, so
does the open gate, but the genie cloud doesn't seem to look as good
with that much reflectance. I think the canvas ones of that are much
better. But I'll put them out for sale, anyway.

Ken Norton
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