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Re: [OM] Help - French emails!

Subject: Re: [OM] Help - French emails!
From: Scott Gomez <sgomez.baja@xxxxxxxxx>
Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2014 22:12:34 -0700
Most ISPs will not allow anything but authenticated access to smtp services
for many years now. That's probably what cogeco.ca (note spelling
correction) is meaning. Most ISPs do not allow even authenticated access
from foreign networks, however, as an anti-spam measure (to prevent relay
of mail, which spammers attempt in order to disguise the origination point
of their junk), which sounds like what you were effectively trying to set
up. Were you getting a bounce code (error code) of 550?

If one is connecting to their secure mail transmission from off network, it
should work, though. Were you trying to make connection through a secure
smtp port (most often 465 or 587), or the "traditional" smtp port (25)?

Of course, the easiest work around for this sort of thing is to switch to
your ISP's webmail service (in this case
https://www.cogeco.ca/web/qc/en/my_cogeco/) when travelling. As
authentication occurs first when using webmail, the email then originates
from their network, and there should be no issue then regarding the
originating network.

In addition to spammers, one can thank Microsoft's ignorant and lousy mail
server implementation (via their Exchange product), in large part, for the
more draconian handling of much of email by ISPs. It took years for
Microsoft to get the point about how mail services should be handled.
Couple that with the fact that even Microsoft-trained-and-certified "system
engineers" for many years had no idea of how the existing Internet services
worked properly together (which had been largely all designed and
implemented on Unix systems). They had mostly been informed by Microsoft
that, "it doesn't matter, because Exchange will handle everything for you".

Even as recently as 3 years ago I was routinely finding Exchange servers
with open relays, and also with domain handling improperly set up so that
Exchange servers routinely violated RFCs in the transmission of email. It
was then still so prevalent that one of my techs used to be assigned to
routinely check our logs every morning for mail we rejected the previous
day because of RFC violations, and then send them a canned message asking
them to fix their Exchange server (because it was *never* any other brand
of mail server) and citing the appropriate RFCs. Which usually generated a
telephone call from some clueless MCSE asking us how it could be fixed.

That little time-waster of a task is one of the many reasons why we finally
dumped our own (properly configured after much effort and RFC compliant!)
Exchange server in favor of using Google Apps. The sad part is that strict
enforcement of RFCs by the major ISPs would cut down tremendously on the
amount of spam that gets through. To do so, however, would require them to
have an actual human to provide application of the clue-by-four to the
heads of the RFC ignorant... so they just rely mostly on decent spam
filters and the ability of end-users to click the "this message is spam"
button to keep those filters constantly "learning".

On Sun, Mar 30, 2014 at 6:33 PM, Chuck Norcutt <
chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> I don't know if it's the same situation or not but see if the details
> fit.  When I am in Florida for the winter the RV park where I stay
> provides a general wi-fi service for the residents.  Internet service is
> provided there by brighthouse.com.
> My next door neighbor there is Canadian and asked me for help in setting
> up his email.  In Canada his internet provider is cogico.ca so, since
> the service provider is brighthouse.com I set up his email to use
> brighthouse.com as the SMTP server.  I do that myself with no problem.
> But it did not work for him.  After a long session with IT support at
> cogico.ca I was told that customers of cogico.ca can *only* use
> cogico.ca as the SMTP outgoing server.  The vague explanation was that
> it helped keep the riff-raff and malware out.
> Chuck Norcutt
> On 3/30/2014 5:50 PM, Andrew Fildes wrote:
> > I need a serious favour from the French residents here please.
> > My sister in Bordeaux can't send me an email without it bouncing.
> > She's with Orange and I think they are telling her fairy stories.
> > Some nonsense about virus filters at an entirely different ISP.
> > Could anyone using a French ISP send me a direct off-list message and
> let me know if it bounces please.
> > Send me your favourite current French insult? I need to update my vocab!
>  :-)
> >
> > Andrew Fildes
> > afildes@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > afildes@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> >
> >
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