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Subject: [OM] [OT] In case you hadn't heard....
From: usher99@xxxxxxx
Date: Mon, 24 Mar 2014 20:01:04 -0400 (EDT)
Z. A. Moose writes:

>>We have all assumed, led by those who claimed to know, that the Black 
Death was
>>bubonic plague, and spread by fleas on rats.

>>Some folks (historical forensic epidemiologists?) have recently read 
all the
>>contemporary accounts and concluded that
>>the BD was NOT the plague. Onset and symptoms wrong and progress 
quite a bit
>>too rapid.

>>Last I noticed, they were unsure what it was, but suspecting a form 
>>hemorrhagic fever.

Yes, have seen similiar reports. This is not my area but think the 
attraction of subverting the dominant paradigm
might be playing a role here. It is curious that the enlarged lymph 
nodes tended to cocur higher up than would now as well as the high 
of apparent pneumonic variant.


The fleas are not all that good vectors as well, but we may have no 
clue as to how horrid public health was then or rampant fleas were.
Also very curious that the a genetic variant resulting in a deficiency 
in the chemokine receptor CCR5 is very enriched in those resistant to 
Plague (church records and genotying descendants of surviors of 
families who had only one surviving member who had to be exposed, among 
abundance of other data confirms this) produces protection from HIV. 
Not really a stretch to hypothesize a flavi VIRUS producing
a hemorrhagic fever given how contagious they can be. I always assumed 
the CCR5Delta32 variant just somehow caused protection against a 
bacterium (Yersinia Pestis) as well, but no clue how. Genetically 
modified mice with the CCR5 knocked out did not confer protection from 
YP arguing against YP as the cullprit-Hmmm. But the plot thickens:


YP DNA is however found in dental pulp from a victum of plague in 
France buried in a mass grave:

This is the proverbial smoking gun. Hard to see how a false positive 
could be produced but would like to see confirmation. I don't keep 
track of this stuff and confirmation may well exist.

Yes Oswald acted alone and Y. pestis likely caused the Black Death, Mike

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