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Subject: Re: [OM] In case you hadn't heard....
From: bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2014 01:20:52 +1300

Andrew wrote:Don't apologise, unless? 

At the moment Blurb is
charging me 10% GST (VAT) for books delivered to Australia - tax they
don't have to charge me as there is an exemption for goods and products
of services valued at under AU$1000 including shipping - though the
government will take it if you pay it and will not refund. The exemption
is a rather informal arrangement - they can't be bothered with the
expense of collecting the mostly small amounts. 
Blurb is quite obdurate
about doing it, claiming that their lawyers tell them it is required.
Objections hit brick wall thinking. Dumb, expensive and irritating.
FedEx used to do the same thing in the past, but have now stopped - but
at least they were trying to screw me for brokerage fees. Greed is
easier to understand than idiocy. 

I think my next step is to demand
proof from Blurb that they are remitting the tax to the Australian
Andrew Fildes. 


All strength to
your elbow- err - arm! This sort of nonsense needs chasing up. 

seem to be at least some advantage in living in a small country - apart
from the idiocy of elected parliamentarians. But that seems to be a
burden borne world-wide. 

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