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Re: [OM] Catching up on showing you images

Subject: Re: [OM] Catching up on showing you images
From: Chuck Norcutt <chucknorcutt@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 31 Dec 2008 07:09:48 -0500
Not much of interest to me in this week's pictures of the week.  I'd 
have liked Alt #1 if the camera were swung around to the right to avoid 
the window and turn it into an architectural shot.  But, of course, that 
wasn't your intent.

Of the Poland pictures I like the sunrise on the buildings along the 
Odra in Wrocław.  But it makes me wish for a panorama of same so I can 
see some more of what it really looks like.

I also like one of the shots of the Ronald Reagan circle... the one with 
the short exposure time.  I'd have preferred the 4 second shot if the 
color balance hadn't changed dramatically.  I see both shots were made 
in automatic white balance and, IMHO, the large color shift towards blue 
has treated the 4 second shot unkindly.  If the shot was available in 
raw form I'd shift the balance back to the yellow, incandescent cast of 
the other one.

Chuck Norcutt

Nathan wrote:
> I just realized that since I began my holiday trip to Poland eight  
> days ago, I have been sending most (if not all) of my postings to the  
> old list address. No wonder I got no comments from the Olympus gang!  
> So here is a summary:
> My pictures of the week for week 52:
> http://www.fotocycle.dk:80/paws/?page_id=173
> And my daily pictures from Poland and Berlin since I came here. Start  
> with this one from 23rd December:
> http://www.greatpix.eu/gallery/4253606_netUM#442246165_89MEV-O-LB
> and then work your way through the six more recent ones.
> Nathan
> Nathan Wajsman
> Alicante, Spain
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> http://www.greatpix.eu
> http://www.nathanfoto.com
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