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Subject: Re: [OM] Brothers Bale
From: Chris Crawford <chris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Mon, 29 Dec 2008 00:23:44 -0500

I've never shot a silver nose lens! Al my lenses are black nose, probably
because when I got my first Olympus (an OM-G) at age 11, the silvernoses
were already history. I suspect that the newer lenses in general are more
contrasty than the old silvernoses. I have a set of AF-Nikkors that I have
shot on film with an F4 body and the black-nose Zuikos are about the same in
contrast as the AF-Nikkors, all of which in my bag were made after 1994...so
the black-noses are similar to other modern lenses by other manufacturers in
that regard. I think in general the Zuikos render a nicer image than the
Nikkors. The Nikon lenses do not have nice Bokeh (well the 85/1.8 is
decent). I think all of my Zuikos except the 50/1.8 mij have at least decent
bokeh and some are excellent. So generally I greatly prefer the images I get
from Olympus lenses over Nikon. Sharpness is better on some Zuikos compared
to Nikon, and better on some Nikons..overall a tossup.

The 35-80 Zuiko is supposed to be in a league of its own, and that photo you
shot with it is one I'd have done in medium format to get that detail that
you managed to get in 35mm. The sun hitting the snow at the right angle
certainly contributed to the appearance of detail in the snow but I suspect
the lens helped greatly.

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On 12/29/08 12:13 AM, "Ken Norton" <ken@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> I like the first one on the page. The composition is beautiful and it looks
>> monochromatic despite being a color photo. The shot of the snowy road with
>> the 35-80 impressed me...I have never gotten so much sharpness in a 35mm
>> photo of snow where it felt like you could see the snowflakes in a snow
>> scene...that lens showed it! Wow. I want one....damn I hate being poor.
> I'm a little surprised that the title of the first one hasn't been commented
> on yet.  Oh well, maybe a little esoteric for the masses, but this is what I
> instantly saw when seeing this hillside in the distance. It is cropped a
> little bit, but on the E-1 this is the AoV of a 600mm lens on a 35mm camera
> which accounts for the visual compression.  I did shoot this same picture
> with Ilford PanF so we'll see what a real B&W film can do with it.
> The 35-80 is definitely an exceptional lens, but this particular shot could
> have been done with the 50/3.5 macro and gotten the same result as far as
> sharpness is concerned. What I am seeing with the 35-80 is not only the
> sharpness, but also the contrast.  It has a similar contrast to what I've
> experienced with Joel's 100/2. The sun was so bright and the angle was such
> that the tulip lens-shade proved to be of no worth so I had to shoot the
> camera one handed while using the other to shade the lens.
> The 35-80 is a complex lens to figure out.  I don't understand the
> contrast/color aspects of it in comparison to the silver-nosed Zuikos.
> AG

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