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[OM] Re: Digital cameras - OT?

Subject: [OM] Re: Digital cameras - OT?
From: jowilcox@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 19:31:21 -0500
Quoting Brian Swale <bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> For what it's worth, this is to satisfy an eBay seller
> (who sold to me) and with 
> whom I have entered a dialogue. She (yes, a Mrs) was an
> OM user for many 
> years as a medical photographer, has just sold her OM2SP
> with Zuiko 
> 50/3.5 (not to me, although I bid), and wants to upgrade
> her digital. She is 
> using an Olympus Camedia C-3000 at present, and I think
> she gets very 
> good results.

If pride of ownership is especially significant, tell her 
to follow the leaders, Canyon and Nikorn.  She will have 
some sort of reward that way, even without having taken any 

But I suspect that as she has been an OM user, she is used 
to hearing a different drumbeat. She might find the savings 
of hundreds of dollars compelling, and as she is in the US, 
the free OM adapter might get her excited about the 
digital afterlife of a Zuiko or two.  You could give her 
the URL for AG's website.  If she actually does opt to be 
changing lenses quite a bit, she might appreciate the 
usefulness of the E-1 dustbuster.  It's interesting to see 
all the new devices that are sold to owners of other DSLRs 
for cleaning the sensor.  Ask her how much she would enjoy 
having to clean the mirror of her OM-2S regularly.  It's a 
little bit like that.

Even the C/N-promoting photo mags recognize the 
appropriateness of the E-1 for wedding, studio, and 
portrait photography.  This is largely because of the 4:3 
format of the output, but you can officially point out that 
the E-1 does a really nice job with skin tones, even 
shooting jpegs, which is actually more important than the 
aspect ratio, though the aspect ratio also makes the 5 MP 
sensor sort of "bigger" because you don't have to crop your 
photos much to print full-page, letter-sized prints. 

She might be coaxed to pick up a D70, D-rebel, and an E-1 
to see which feels more "professional."  She might like 
something other than the E-1 -- fair enough.  Chances are 
that she will like the E-1 quite a lot in that manner of 

It's a two-year-old camera that takes very good photos and 
has a number of compelling additional characteristics.  If 
she can get past the "two-year-old" part, she might be very 
happy with the E-1. A lot of us are.

Joel W.   

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