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[OM] Re: New to List, 300mm lens Question

Subject: [OM] Re: New to List, 300mm lens Question
From: "Dean Bielanowski" <dbielanowski@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Fri, 29 Apr 2005 15:29:21 +1000
> I just bought a 25-500mm f3.5 zoom lens for cinema use. It weighs
> around 42 pounds. That's about five Zuiko 300mm f2.8 lenses. Not to
> mention that it's about three feet long and the front element is the
> size of a Frisbee. I'm gonna have a hard time feeling sympathetic when
> it comes to the weight and size of still camera lenses right now. ;-)

42 pounds! I'd get a hernia lifting it :) Please give more details. What
brand? URL? (just for interests sake) :)


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