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[OM] In praise of the Epson 2200.

Subject: [OM] In praise of the Epson 2200.
From: hiwayman@xxxxxxx (Walt Wayman)
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2005 16:08:58 +0000
I've been shooting a lot of B&W of late and, consequently, resurrected the 
darkroom, having fun in the yellow-green glow of an OC safelight.  As a result, 
I haven't printed any color stuff recently.  Today, I needed to make a couple 
of color prints.  As I uncovered and plugged in the Epson Stylus Photo 2200, it 
occurred to me that I hadn't used this printer since early September of last 
year, more than seven months ago!

With a fair amount of trepidation, I turned it on, fired up Picture Window Pro, 
set my preferences, then left-moused "Print."  Then I watched and listened 
intently as the printer whirred, clicked, clacked, hummed and hemmed and hawed 
for what seemed at least a minute, then suddenly inhaled the paper and 
commenced to print, giving me a couple of minutes later a perfect 8.5"x11" 

Three cheers for my non-clogging Epson!  Hip, hip, hooray!  For he's a jolly 
good printer, is he.

Walt, who needs to get out more and print more color

"Anything more than 500 yards from 
the car just isn't photogenic." -- 
Edward Weston
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