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Subject: [OM] Re: #122
From: Fernando Gonzalez Gentile <fgnzalez@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 18:36:28 -0300
Not only clever, I'd use words like broad perception and ability to see the
detail [sorry if the English part of my brain needs rebooting....;^)]

I've been dozens of time in the countryside, when different machines were
working and diff. kind of grass growing, and was never lucky enough to
perceive/find such a pattern....

I agree it would benefit from a higher contrast; I thought about it soon
after the image downloaded, which left me wondering why did you choose a
yellow filter instead of the green one.

who is particularly fond of high contrast in B&W.

on 27/04/2005 14:11, Chris Barker at ftog@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, wrote:

> Clever composition Graham, but it would probably benefit from slightly
> higher contrast. 
> Chris

> On 27 Apr 2005, at 07:43, GeeBee wrote:
>> Olympus OM2 SP : Zuiko 35mm f2 : yellow filter Kodak Portra 400BW
>> http://geebeephoto.com/2005/05122.htm
>> Graham

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