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[OM] Re: Relative costs of printing from E-1 & film media. (Long & borin

Subject: [OM] Re: Relative costs of printing from E-1 & film media. (Long & boring)
From: "Brian Swale" <bj@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: Wed, 27 Apr 2005 12:47:51 +1200
Chris wrote
> I'm sorry Brian but as a student of high finance I must point out that 
> you have failed to discount the cash flows for the opportunity cost of 
> your capital.  If you use a nominal discount rate, say 10%, you will 
> see that all the cash flows are reduced by that factor, compounded 
> annually .... blah, blah ...
> I have my exam tomorrow morning, so I have to remember as much as 
> possible before I dump it all on to the paper (I hope!).
> More to the point, do you think that you will want to print every shot?
> Chris

Best wishes for success in your exam, Chris.

There are several confusing aspects to this scenario.

The SUV referred to, being a rear-wheel drive Starlet, does not depreciate. In 
fact this model appreciates in value here.

Next, I did not ascribe a value to my time spent getting prints. If I use the 
car, the round trip takes about 60 - 80 minutes including time in the shop. If 
use public transport, I'm looking at spending 3 - 4 hours for the job, and the 
dollar cost is also slightly more. However, the public transport option ensures 
I get exercise in all weathers with a descent and climb by foot of 600 ft from 
the bus stop to my house.

Next - the relative cost of printing depends greatly on the in-house policies 
the shop. At present they give very favourable rates per print if the prints 
produced in their integrated Agfa D-Lab machine which also produces a 
selectable wide range of print.sizes, formats and qualities.

Should they alter their pricing policy, the relativities of film and digital 
recording media alter immediately.

Last question. *Of course* I will want to print all my digital shots!. 

They will all be winners ;-)   (Apart from the format which is, as I understand 
it, 6x8 and not 6x9 ).   6x9 is another strong reason to continue to use film.


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